Cost Saving

Reduce your overheads, therefore, increase your profit margin.

Wastage Reduction

Reduce the amount of wastage of perfectly good building materials by controlling and re-introducing materials back into stock.

Reduce Skip Usage

Reduce your dependency on skip usage by recycling building materials efficiently.

Re-use Surplus Materials

Dispose of surplus materials by re-using them on other sites or holding in-store, off site, for future use and stop the practice of ‘skipping them to get rid of’.

Prevent Unnescessary Waste of Man Hours.

Reduce the ‘paper trail ‘ through the office by preventing the unnecessary waste of man hours in processing additional orders for materials paid for and wasted on site.

Health & Safety

The overall effect of this service would result in a tidier, more organised, safer and much more efficient site, reducing the likelihood of trips, slips and falls.

Reduce Labour Costs.

Reducing the need for site labourers from employment agencies.